Sparkle Beauty Studio Celebrates 3 Years


Three years ago on Thanksgiving weekend, Jeffrey and Gabriel decided to make a change.  After finding the perfect location and 7 sleepless nights, Sparkle Beauty Studio® was born. "Let's give each and every client the opportunity to a One on One Intimate Backstage experience. We'll make a daily commitment to that ideal and always strive to do our best."

We look back at these extraordinary moments:

• The Grammy Awards and beautifying the illuminate Yoko Ono and son Sean Lennon.

• The MTV Video Music Awards and seeing Jeffrey's smiling face as he perfected Shakira and P Diddy.

• The birth of BACKSTAGE V.I.P., our signature line of Hair Care designed by yours truly.

• Jeffrey's Aunt Norma Diaz Givler becoming a true angel and Gabriel's mother Joyce Everett Nolan and her first visit to New York.

We extend our warmest Thank You's to all who believe in our vision and especially to Miss Althea Nurse and Antonia Green who has offered unending loyalty and support.